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Qasas ul Anbiya, قصص الانبياء


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Qasas ul Anbiya, قصص الانبياء

Pages 724, Hard Bound

This Book is the Urdu translation of the famous book “Qasasul Ambiya” originally written in Arabic by one of the most renowned Islamic scholars Imam Imaduddin Abul-Fida Ismail Ibn Kathir (Ibn Kathir). All the material collected by him is from the most authentic sources and the quotes as mentioned from The Holy Qur’an and Ahadith.
The book contains the true accounts of the pious lives (Seerah) of the Prophets, their exemplary way of life, their sacrifices in the name of Allah, their proclamation for the Message of Allah and inducing the people to follow the right path and forbidding the evil things.

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