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International Shipping And Payments

We Accept International orders also.

International shipping charges are different for every country and depends on shipping service like DHL FedEx etc. Charges also depends on total weight of the books including packaging.

We ship through DHL, FedEx, Aramax, India Post only.

Delivery days vary through above shipping services and also depends on the country you want delivery in.

Estimated time for delivery if 1-4 weeks after dispatch. Shipping days also vary if the your country is going through any festivals, lockdown or any other major reasons. These factors are not in our hand and shipping services hand.

There is no cancellation and refund after payment. Refund is only possible we for any reason we will not be able to send you the books or if books will be out of stock.

For more information and If you want to order books in any country please contact us.

Email: qwh.india@gmail.com

Call/WhatsApp: +91-9329669919