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Rediscovering Islam


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Rediscovering Islam: A Fresh Perspective on Contemporary Key Issues

Since 9/11, Islam, and Muslims have occupied the centre stage of global attention, unfortunately, mostly for negative reasons. This book makes an attempt to present interpretations derived from the Qur’an to concepts that have been clouded by misunderstandings. Several questions find refreshingly satisfying answers here, provoking deeper thought and reflection.

• How does Islam view other religions? What does this life mean for a true Muslim?

• Does this religion, that mean peace in its name, call for jihad against non-Muslims? When is jihad allowed?

• Is Islam anti-democracy? What is the Islamic stance toward human rights? Under which crimes is capital punishment allowed?

• In Islam, are women inferior to men?

• Does the Qur’an ask for blind faith? Does intellect find a place in religion?

About The Author:

Dr. Khalid Zaheer is an educationist and a scholar of the Qur’an. He has taught and given lectures in Australia, Bangladesh, India, Italy, Malaysia, Pakistan, UK, Thailand and Turkey on various aspects of Islam from the perspective of the Quran and Sunnah, the two most authentic sources of Islamic knowledge. He is associated with a research institution, the Al-Mawrid Foundation that aims to revive the spirit of Islamic renaissance. Dr. Zaheer has taught Business Ethics at various universities. He has also served as an advisor on Islamic banking. He holds a doctorate from The University of Wales, Lampeter.
Dr. Zaheer brings a fresh and thought provoking outlook to Qur’anic interpretation. His views are a combination of creativity and depth combined with a non- intimidating and humble approach.


Dr Khalid Zaheer

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