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Islam And Women: Misconceptions And Misperceptions


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The marital life of the Prophet (sws) has generally been misinterpreted by the critics of Islam. In this regard, unfortunately, the real stance of the Qur’ān has often been misconceived even by some Muslim scholars.


The stance of Islam regarding certain issues relating to women has remained a hot subject of debate, especially in the last few centuries. Although Islam does not support the basic tenets of the feminist movement, it must be conceded that this movement has served to create awareness in educated Muslim women regarding

1. Women are less Sensible than Men

2. Women must travel with a Mahram

3. Men are Superior to Women

4. Women can’t become Heads of State

5. The Diyat of Women

6. The Testimony of Women

7. Female Circumcision

8. Regarding Mahr

9. Women Outnumbering Men in Hell

10. Sex with Female War Captives

11. Prohibition of Plucking Facial Hair

12. Going out without the Husband’s Permission

13. ‘Iddat Restrictions

14. Marriage with Minor Girls

15. Refusing Sex to the Husband

16. The Right to Beat Wives

17.The Daughter’s Share in Inheritance

18. Polygamy

19. Marriage with the People of the Book

20. Forced Marriages

21. Regarding Divorce and Divorce Declarations

22.The Issue of Halālah

24. Women bring Bad Luck

25. Fasting with the Husband’s Permission

26. Segregation from the Brother-in-Law

27. Regarding the Head-Scarf

28. Regarding Honour Killings

29. Visiting Graveyards

30. Reading the Qur’ān during Menstruation

31. Change of Name after Marriage

32. Misinterpretation of some verses of Sūrah Ahzāb

33. Misconceptions regarding Marriages of the Prophet (sws)




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