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Islam And The Modern World


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Islam And The Modern World

The original manuscript of this book was written in 1995 in Urdu. At that time majority of the people did not feel much importance for a dialogue on ideological and intellectual issues between the West and the Muslim Ummah. In fact, the writer of this book, for the first time in 1991, intensively asserted that there is an urgent need for a comprehensive dialogue between the West and the Muslim Ummah.

Relations with Non-Muslims

Dialogue With West Some Misconceptions About Islam

Some Basic Facts About Islam

Islam And Democracy

Islam And Freedom Of Opinion

Qital, Jihad And Terrorism

Islam And Women

Islam And Human Rights

Fine Arts, Slavery And Family Planning

Need of a Dialogue

About The Author: Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan had a multi-faceted personality and was a man of immense reserves of energy. Truly, a man larger than life, he stood like a rock for all what he believed. He was an Islamic scholar, intellectual and a political activist; he hosted many TV programs and also made several appearances as a guest speaker on private and public TV channels; he was a fiery speaker and also authored almost a dozen books on the Islamic thought; above all he was a humane and a humble person: as a psychiatrist, he served the medical profession with exemplary zeal and dedication.


Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan


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