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Adab Al-Qadi – Islamic Legal And Judicial System


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Classical Islamic legal system  implicitly distinguishes between those empowered to interpret the law (the legislative and judicial branches) and those empowered to make sure the law is being followed (the executive branch), this book therefore discusses the Islamic Legal and Judicial System in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah

The Author Imam Khassaf

Ahmad Abu Bakr al-Khassaf (From the Tribe of Shaiban) born around 181 AH and died in the year  261 AH (874/5AD) at the age of 80.
Ibn Nadim sated thad Imam Khassaf was a Jurist, expert on the science of compulsory duties, a mathematician and well aware of the opinions and Ijtihad of Hanafi Jurists and enjoyed precedence on the court of Muhtadi Billah.
His early education was at the hands of his father Umar bin Muhair who was a pupil of Imam Hasan  in Ziyad who in turn was a pupil of Imam Abu Hanifah.
Imam Kafwi has counted Imam Khassaf in the second category of the fuquha and the mujtahidin and has named his category of the later period great Hanafis.

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Imam Kashshaf


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