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Bahishti Zewar – Heavenly Ornaments – Complete



Hard Bound – Pages: 764 – Complete 12 Parts

Bahishti Zewar (Urdu: بہشتی زیور‎) is a volume of Islamic beliefs and practices written by Mawlānā Ashraf Ali Thanvi. Bahishti Zewar (translated as Heavenly Ornaments) is a comprehensive handbook of fiqh (jurisprudence), especially for the education of girls and women. The volume describes the Five Pillars of Islam and also highlights more obscure principles. For years it has remained a favorite with the people of the South Asia as well as the Indian Muslim diaspora all over the world. It was originally written in the Urdu language but has been translated into a host of other languages including English.

Beliefs and Laws of Tahârah (Cleanliness)

1.True Stories
3.Incorrect Beliefs and Actions

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