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Abu Zayd Al Balkhi: The 9th Century Muslim Psychologist

Abu Zayd Al Balkhi

Abu Zayd al-Balkhi was a 9th century Muslim polymath, whose writings touched on subjects as varied as geography, medicine, philosophy, theology, politics, poetry, ethics, sociology, grammar, literature and astronomy. Born in 849 CE (235 AH) in the Persian village of Shamisitiyan, with

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Amruhum Shura Baynahum: The Democratic Process In Caliphate

Amruhum Shura Baynahum

According to the Qur’ānic directive of Amruhum Shura Baynahum (Their system is based on their consultation, (42:38)), the details of the methodology adopted by the Prophet (sws) and his companions for the participation of the Muslims in the affairs of the state in their own times, kee

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