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The Tarjuman Al Quran – Volumes 3, English Only


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Hard Bound – English Only

The Tarjuman Al Quran

Maulana Azad’s most outstanding contribution to Islamic learning, an earnest attempt in elucidating the message as it was understood by the followers of the prophet in his life time. He maintained that the latter-day commentators had side-tracked the earlier authentic interpretation under the influence of alien culture and philosophy. It is more explicit than a mere translation but no means an elaborate one. It is classic in Urdu and Dr. Syed’s magnificently reproduction the thougth-content of the original into English, preserving in the process the flavour of Azad’s style

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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Born: 11 November 1888, Makkah, Hejaz Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (present-day Mecca, Saudi Arabia) Died: 22 February 1958 (aged 69), Delhi,...


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