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The Noble Quran – Tafseer e Usmani, 3 Volumes


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Hard Bound – Arabic/English – Volumes 3

The Noble Quran – Tafseer e Usmani

This work is popularly known as “Tafseer-E-Usmani” which was originally done in Urdu.
The great Muslim scholar Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan, also known as Shaikhul Hind, translated the Holy Quran into Urdu and also wrote commentary for three Surahs (Al-Baqara, Aal-e-Imran and An-Nisa) during his lifetime. After his sad demise Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani (Rah), also known as Shaikhul Islam completed the commentary of the rest of the Surahs. 
This is the English Translation of “Tafseer-E-Usmani” by Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad.
Set of (3) Three Volumes
A very comprehensive, yet concise commentary of the Qur’an. the Arabic Text is with full Tashkeel in the indo/Pak Script This is the English Translation of Tafsir-e-‘Uthmani, Urdu. This tafsir by two of the most renowned scholars of Islam from the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century, Shaikh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmud Hasan and his student ‘Allama Shabbir Ahmad ‘Uthmani is regarded as the most authentic rendering of the meaning of the Glorious Qur’an in any language. It was initially an adaptation of Shah ‘Abdul Qadir Muhaddith Dehlawi’s translation and commentary known as Mudih al-Qur’an which according to many great ‘ulama’ is divinely inspired and accepted by all Muslims.

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