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The Quran T B Irving – English Only


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Paper Back – Pages: 402 – English Only

The Quran T B Irving

The Qur’an is a living document and could be considered untranslatable because each time one returns to the Arabic text, one finds new meanings and fresh ways of interpreting it. The author’s aim has been to remain scrupulously faithful to the Arabic text and still create a version, which represents good American English prose and can be used confidently by English-speaking people.

The author has attempted to study it from within and duplicate the terse yet vibrant quality of the original Qur’anic message, to take a fresh look at the original text and explore it for new content and present-day application. In this respect the present translation breaks new ground, making refreshing reading even after all the other translations have been read.

About The Author T.B. Irving (1914–2002) 

Thomas Ballantyne Irving (a revert) also known as Al-Hajj Ta’lim Ali Abu Nasr, was an American Muslim author, professor, and scholar.

He wrote the first American English translation of the Qur’an. Irving embraced Islam in the early 1950s and the first American Version of the Qur’an translated by him, was published in 1985.

He has written many books on Islam mostly in English and few in Spanish as well.

He was recognized for his services to Islam by the government of Pakistan in 1983 and was awarded the Star of Excellence. He died on September 24, 2002, due to Alzheimer’s disease.

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