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1196 – 1246 AH: Shah Ismail Dehalvi

Shah Ismail Dehalvi
Born 26 April 1779
Died 6 May 1831, Balakot Pakistan

Shah Ismail Dehalvi was an Islamic scholar and a warrior in the jihad proclaimed by Syed Ahmed Shaheed with Pushtoon tribes support against the Sikh kingdom in Punjab in the 19th century.


Shah Ismail Dehalvi was killed on 6 May 1831 during a fierce battle.

“Al-Arba’in fi Ahwal-al-Mahdiyin” (Containing Ahadith about the Imam Mahdi and a poem of Shah Nimatullah Wali). The copy is a print of Maktaba Misri Ganj (Kalkatta) 25 Muhharram 1268 (1851).

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