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Musnad Fatima tus Zahra Urdu, مسند فاطمہ الزہرا اردو

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Abdul Hamid Madani

Jalaluddin Suyuti

Born: 3 October 1445 CE, 1 Rajab 849 AH, Cairo Died: 18 October 1505 CE, 19 Jumadi Ula 911 AH,...

جلال الدین سیوطی

یدائش: ٣ اکتوبر ١٤٤٥، اسیوط وفات: ١٧ اکتوبر ١٥٠٥، ٦٠ سال، قاہرہ شہریت: سلطنت مملوک عقیدہ: اہل سنت و جماعت...

عبد الحميد مدني

3 reviews for Musnad Fatima tus Zahra Urdu, مسند فاطمہ الزہرا اردو

  1. m hamid

    regards, my book musnad-e-fatimaht-uz-zahra which is translated by me is published without my permission, but i pray for the publisher for success and more spreading islamic knowledge…..abdul hameed madni

  2. imam al hadith Abu ayyan

    This book contains more than 80% fake hadiths.

  3. Anonymous

    imam al hadith abu ayyan ! you know that ahadeeth-e-daeefa are acceptable in fadail , so you should not comment like that if you have faith in ahadeeth , and remember that at least 2 daeef sanads if found then daeef haddeth become hasan , most of ahadeeth in this book are hasan , and i have declared the ” paya of hadeeth ” on foot notes of the book , first you should study , after that you may comment on . thanks

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