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Masadir Al Adab Al Arabi – مصادر الأدب العربي



Masadir Al Adab Al Arabi, مصادر الأدب العربي

The author in this book goes through some books that are used as resources in the study Arabic literature:

  • Al-Bayan wal Tabyin 

  • Al-Adab Al-Kitab Li Ibn Qayyim 

  • Al-Kamil Li al-Mubarrad 

  • Al-Aamali Li al-Qali 

  • Al-Iqd Al-Farid Li Ibn Abd Rabbihi 

  • Al-Aghaani Li Al-Asfahani 

  • Wafiyyatul A’yaan Li Ibn Khallikan

About The Author

  • Ustadh Wazeh Rasheed Nadwi belongs to a Syed Family, his lineage goes back to Hadhrat Hasan ibn Ali (RA).

  • He is a prominent and prolific writer, was born in Raebareli, India.

  • He received primary education in Madrasa Elahiyah, then, enrolled in Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulema where he learned Arabic, and in 1951, obtained the Masters Degree in Arabic Literature.

  • In 1953, he was elected as a translator (Arabic-English) in New Delhi Radio Station till 1973.

  • After that he became teacher in Nadwatul Ulema, of “Adab Arabi” till today.


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