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Hisn e Haseen Hindi


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Hard Bound – Pages: 440

Hisn e Haseen Hindi

Hindi Version :Hisn-e-Haseen is a compilation of the supplications of the Holy Prophet (SaW) written by a well-known scholar of Ahadeeth, ‘Allama Muhammad bin Al-Jazri (Rah). The original work is in Arabic and was translated later in different languages.
Maulana Muhammad Idris Merathi (Rah.), a contemporary scholar, while translating the book into Urdu, rearrange the supplications (Duas) contained in the book so as to facilitate their recital at the relevant occasions. The book is very useful for the common Muslims from a practical point of view. The book is very easy for a layman to consult without any difficulty or to find a particular dua for any occasion. The Book has been Translated into Hindi by Ahmed Nadeem Nadwi.

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Allama Muhammad Bin Al Jazri

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