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Exordium To Coherence in The Quran


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The Holy Qur’ān shapes and governs all aspects of the life of the Muslim community – individual and collective, religious and social, political and financial, legal and moral, national and international. It gives meaning to their lives. In Muslim perception, those who dedicate their life to understanding the Qur’ān and explaining it to others earn great respect in this world and everlasting reward in the Afterlife. It raises their religious as well as social status in the Muslim ummah. The Book has therefore attracted the best minds over the last fourteen centuries, who immersed themselves in deciphering its text, deriving legal commands from it, highlighting its social implications, …

Book Contents

Translator’s Introduction


Occasion of Revelation

Historical Resources of Interpretation

Linguistic Resources of Interpretation

Divine Books explain one another

Univocity of the Qur’ānic Text

Correspondence and Sequence

Sūrah as a Unit

The Holy Qur’ān and the Previous Scriptures on the Divine Commands and Historical Narratives

Length of Sūrahs

Fundamental Teachings of the Qur’ān

Ma‘rūf and Munkar: Good and Evil

Naẓm Adds to Meaning of the Text

Structure of the Qur’ān

Names of the Sūrahs and their Central Themes

Determining the Addressees and the Addressors

Mode of Revelation

Interpreting the Qur’ān in the Light of Ḥadīth


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