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Dawah Booklets Gift Box – 29 Booklets


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In these booklets, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has presented the fundamental teachings of Islam in a simple way.These booklets can be used as an ideal tool for dawah work.

This Gift Box contains the following booklets:

* An Intellectual Transformation    * Islam in History
* Manifesto of Peace    * Hijab in Islam
* The Revolutionary Role of Islam    * The Man Islam Builds
* Man Know Thyself    * Polygamy and Islam
* Islamic Activism    * Islamic Fundamentalism
* The Fire of Hell    * The Concept of God
* Islam Stands The Test of History
* A Case of Discovery    * The Creation Plan of God
* God and the Life Hereafter    * The Shariah and its Application
* The Teaching of Islam    * Search for Truth
* The Good life    * The Garden of Paradise
* The Way to Find Paradise    * Islam and the Modern Man
* Corcernig Divorce    * Uniform Civil Code
* Spirituality in Islam     * Muhammad: The Ideal Character
* The Road to Paradise    * Non-Violence and Islam

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