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Al Kafiya – الکافيه


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Al Kafiya, الکافيه

As Imam Shafi’i says in his famous al-Risalah: ‘No one encompasses a language except a Prophet’.
This is one of the clasical works written on the Arabic grammar or Nahw. This book was used by Shaykh Siraj al-Din ‘Uthman Chishti Nizami as an explanation by his famous work Hidayatun Nahw, which is supposed to be, according to one account, an abbreviated version of ‘Al Kafiya of Ibn al Hajib’. Al Kafiya is part of Darululoom Deoband’s curriculum to this day and used to be quite popularly taught in Ottoman Turkey, as well as the Arab lands under their control; and is therefore referred to as a major and comprehensive work in Nahw.


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