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82% Vocabulary Of The Holy Quran With Pronunciation (4 in 1)


Pages:84, Paper Bound


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Today we are living in the era of English language. All the high’s and the low’s are inscribed in English. There is no remedy without it. In short, English language has got a tremendous fame on the international level. On the other hand, Allah Subhanahu-waa-Ta’ala sent his last book- the Holy Quran in the Arabic language. Allah SWT promises for the success in this world and hereafter for those who recite and understand its meaning. Even Ahadees which explains and comments on the Holy Quran are in the Arabic language. Unfortunately a large portion of the Muslim community is unaware of this language. It is spoken only in the Arab Countries. Due to such inadvertence, majority of the Muslim community is unable to understand the meaning of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth. If we Muslims can determine with sincerity, we will make it useful in every aspect of our lives and display our talent InshAllah. In the coming 50 Years, Arabic will be the largest spoken language in the world. Our Children will become Alims, Fazils, and Muftis due to its abundance. We take great pleasure to present this book in Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi languages. The aim behind this book is to bring the beginners near the Holy Quran. Though, there are many aspects of knowledge which are essential for understanding the Qur’an and Hadeeth. This beautiful book in 4 Col. with 4 Years of Islamic and English calendars. This book will be helpful to those who aspire to understand the Quranic/Ahadeeth words easily.

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Aslam Maqbool

Mufti Habibullah Qasi


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