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Kitab al Hawi, Urdu, Complete Set, کتاب الحاوی


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Kitab al Hawi, Urdu, Complete Set, کتاب الحاوی

The Kitab al-Hawi fi tebb (i.e., al-Ketābal-ḥāwifi’l-ṭebb “Comprehensive book on medicine”), the title of a major Arabic work on medicine by Abu Bakr Moḥammad bin Zakariyāʾ Rāzi (born in Rey [classical Rhagai, on the southern outskirts of modern Tehran], 1 Šaʿbān 251/28 August 865; d. 5 Šaʿbān 313/26 October 925; these dates on Biruni’s authority), physician, scientist, philosopher, and prolific author in medicine and ancillary subjects, alchemy, logic, and philosophy. It was translated into Latin in 1279 as Continens by Faraj ben Sālem (Farraguth) and presented to Charles of Anjou, king of Naples.

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